1-to-1 Sessions

For happiness there is not ONE Definition. Everyone has his own interpretation and expectations. It's the same with meditation. There is not a right meditation nor is the phrase in this context even relevant. Important is to start. I want to help finding your personal meditation which starts off with your individual position and the suitable breathing techniques. Let us find out your expectations and how I can help you to start and improve your practise and your results.



Meditieren und das Körpergefühl Alice Heyland Coaching

Meditation and the body

To awake every morning and to feel great is something a lot of people arm for. We can achieve that which paying attention to how connected our emotional and physical Problems are. I want to show you the techniques how to help yourself and to start the day with a positive body feeling .

Meditation und Detox in München

Meditation and Detox

Meditation comes with daily routines and some important aspects are detoxification rituals. This might sounds like work but it's just a easy techniques to help your body to feel light but strong. No worries, we start with little steps and you will see how easy it will be for you to change your routine and nutrition. That's how you not just win vitality plus you establish an optimal base for your meditation routine.

Mediation und Schweigen in München bei Alice Heyland

Meditation and Silence

the saying 'Speech is silver, silence is golden.' is well-known but still silence and consious being silent is seldomly used to get to know ourselves better. Silence means communication with yourself and concious delimination against external factors and we need not much to do that.  Sounds easy and it can be. We are used to comment and judge everything. Being silent helps to break through the circle and getting to know yourself deeply. To answer your questions with your intuition and above all to trust yourself. Silence means to push 'pause' for a moment, breath and just be by yourself. For the start 2-3 days are enough and a monastery is not necessary. Let us prepare your daily schedule to integrate this short break in your life or sign up for the upcoming silence retreats

Silence Retreats

For upcoming events this summer and autumn fill the form or contact me under info@aliceheyland.de.

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